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Dearest friends,
Your presence is the greatest gift for us.

If you would like in any case to participate in a tangible way with a small gift,
we thought to destinate your contribution to a project that will remain
and will grow next to us in the years to come:
a family orchard raised in pots of the surface of about 1,000 square meters near our house, with about 80 fruit trees.

The plants will be:
apple trees - pear trees - plum trees - apricot trees
cherry-trees -  peach trees -  quince trees
Each tree has a value of 72€

Choose your tree and indicate it in our donation,
in order to give it your name!

Progetto senza titolo_edited.png
Progetto senza titolo_edited_edited.png

To make your 72€ donation for your Tree:


Borri Alberto - Ghidini Serena

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